Oak Strength - Deb Otto Video Testimonial


Back in the fall of 2017, I was approached by my friend Adam Lane, Co-owner of Oak Strength to produce some testimonial videos. One of the hallmarks of Oak Strength is their member experience and community that forms as a result. As potential members are searching Strength and Conditioning facilities in the general Rockford area, one of the most powerful pieces of content you can produce are messages from actual gym members. He originally had some written material explaining the positive experiences of members. 

Video Content = Engagement

Presenting this in video form is simply more engaging. Deb was a great sport, and had great insight into her experience at Oak Strength. For her, it has a been a family affair with herself and her two sons who have seen great athletic gains. The community at Oak Strength is what keeps her coming back. Enjoy!

Tammy Pedrick - Oak Strength Video Testimonial


Fitness provides you with the strength to battle all of life's unknown challenges and disappointments. Tammy is no stranger to life's challenges: losing a husband, losing a sister, fighting Lyme's disease, having various severe reactions to medications, etc. Even just one of these challenges is enough to send someone on a downward spiral, but not Tammy.

Built up by her fitness community, Tammy found a home at Oak Strength.