I'm Mark Mitrovic, a freelance videographer based in Sycamore, Il. I am a proud husband and father to two fun loving kids. Being a Dad is one of the most rewarding roles and something I cherish everyday. I originally started with photography and video to document unforgettable family moments. This passion slowly grew over time, and now I have the unique opportunity to help create for others. I have always had this creative outlet, and video has now become my content creation of choice. I have had the opportunity to work with Realtors, Small Business Owners, Political Candidates, and Non-Profit Organizations. Weddings are coming soon as well!

How will you set yourself apart?

How do you want to present yourself and your business?

These are the questions I can help you answer!

You control the narrative and I bring the creative aspect to the project.  I love creating, squeezing out a story and showing the heart of the matter that will connect with your potential customers.  Allow me to lead you through our collaboration time, developing storylines, and creating a finished project that delivers on your message.


I really enjoy meeting with people, hearing their ideas, and crafting a visual around the message they want to speak.  If you are unsure about whether video is the right avenue to go down, let me tell you plain and simple.. it is!